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ASCPD are a provider of Certification for ISO and CPD activity for you or your business.

ASCPD know how important it is to demonstrate your organisation meets the necessary technical competence and integrity for testing, inspection, calibration, verification and certification services.

ASCPD offer Academic, Professional and Business Certification Services for your business and enable clients to have confidence in your business

Simply embrace your desire to achieve more by demonstrating you commitment to quality assurance and independent accreditation of training and business activities

If you or your business require Continuing Professional Development Accreditation then please get in touch. ASCPD offer an Accreditation Approval service for you or your business. You can simply obtain single CPD Accreditation or multiple recognition for all your services and products. CPD Approval

ASCPD is also able to offer ISO Certification for you as a self employed individual or small business owner. The ISO Certification is entirely flexible to reflect the size of your business. So whether you are after management systems or recognition of existing management systems we can offer solutions for you. Certification Approval

Get Recognition for your products and services

April 25, 2023

ASCPD will help your products and learning programmes gain recognition to further improve your business services. We will work with you to ensure your products are consistent in quality and verification ensuring your clients have confidence in…

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