CPD Approval

Approval for Continuing Professional Development can be daunting for you and your business. So you need understanding from an approval organisation who understands the commercial pressures you face.

ASCPD make no drama out of the approval process for you to obtain CPD product recognition. ASCPD offers excellent standards of service for Continuing Professional Development that you wish to offer.

CPD is recognised throughout all industries as an essential requirement for professional practitioners to continue to be relevant in their profession.

The Accreditation Services & Continuing Professional Development offer individual product recognition for all your

Seminars / Conferences
Private study and research
Practical work experience
E-learning and online training programmes

To become accredited as an Approved CPD Provider simply submit an expression of interest and we can contact you to discuss your requirements.

On receipt of your enquiry we will ask for you to submit evidence that your organisation is bonified. This will ensure your clients can be confident that your organisation exists with the correct level of insurance and provisions to register as an Approved CPD Provider. Its easy to become a member.

Once your organisation is accepted as an Approved CPD Provider, your products you wish to have recognised can be submitted for approval to the CPD Endorsement Consultant.

You will then on behalf of your organisation apply for single or multiple product CPD recognition.
Once you become an Approved CPD Provider you will receive Certificated evidence of Product recognition to demonstrate your product has been approved for CPD. You will then be able to endorse your product with authenticating CPD logo’s issued by the ASCPD.

The approval will enable you to utilise the CPD logo on your promotional material and certification issued.

The ASCPD can should you choose to, issue your certification to candidates on your behalf.

The Accreditation Services & Continuing Professional Development offer annual Approved CPD Provider registration from:

£300.00 nil vat for individuals – sole traders who offer upto 5 products

£500.00 nil vat for small companies employing upto 5 persons

£1000 nil vat for all other companies / organisations employing 10 or more persons

To gain CPD Approval for your activities you will need to submit the materials for your CPD activities to the ASCPD in an appropriate format so that we can review them.

The approval process normally takes an average of 7 days to complete once the full application is received.

On confirmation that your submission is sufficient then your CPD membership will be approved.

All activities can then be approved as accredited subject to submission of course or event material being submitted for approval.

You will then be given permission to use CPD logo’s and market that you have CPD Approval for your Approved CPD Product / Programme. Your clients can then contact ASCPD to confirm authenticity of your CPD Approval and product.

ASCPD will assist you in maintaining quality assurance for your products approved for CPD. The ASCPD will ensure you and your business can demonstrate a quality assured programme to International Organisational Standards.